Listeners Prefer Bryan Crabtree

Thank you Bryan for the great interview! It was such an honor to be on your show.
— Mary Frances Bowley
Thanks for the recommendation of your show. A much more common-sense approach to politics for my commute home!
— Matt C.
Thank you, Bryan Crabtree. Keep the dialogue going.
— Jeff Sher
It was an honor to be on The Bryan Crabtree Show today!
— Rep. David Clark
Just discovered Crabtree and I really like him! Smart, erudite and different. I had a talk-show hole from 3-6 .... Please put Bryan in that hole. He needs 3 hours a day.
— Darrell D
Bryan, just wanna say how much I enjoy your show. I generally like Hannity but he gets repetitive. You’re a nice change of pace.
— Nathan Mize